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            问:据报道  ,澳方日前就力拓公司员工被拘留一事召见了中国驻澳大使 ,请证实  。第二个问题  ,乌鲁木齐“7·5”事件发生后  ,中国政府迅速在新疆乌鲁木齐设立了新闻中心  。今后 ,中方是否将采取类似措施处理突发事件的新闻报道工作  ?   
            Q: It is reported that the Australian side has summoned the Chinese Ambassador on the case of the arrest of staff members from Rio Tinto. Could you confirm? Secondly, the Chinese Government immediately set up a media center in Urumqi after the July 5 incident in Xinjiang. Will China take similar measures concerning media report in dealing with emergencies in the future?

            答:对于力拓公司在华员工窃取中国国家秘密一案  ,中国有关部门将依法处理 。   
            A: As for staff members of Rio Tinto stealing China's state secrets, the competent authorities will handle the case according to law.

            关于你提到的第二个问题  ,就像大家所看到的 ,此次“7·5”事件发生后  ,中国有关部门立即采取措施  ,协助和便利中外记者到乌鲁木齐进行采访和报道  。我们的目的只有一个  ,就是希望大家能够根据事实进行客观、公正、真实的报道 。有人问我  ,中方此次采取的措施为何与去年拉萨“3·14”事件发生后的措施不同  ?我们是为了少一些张冠李戴  ,少一些移花接木  ,少一些混淆是非  。这需要一个过程  ,此次有关“7·5”事件的报道中并非没有这些现象 ,我们希望这样的现象越来越少  ,希望偏见、歪曲和误导越少越好 。
            As for your second question, relevant authorities of China took measures to facilitate the work of foreign and domestic media in Urumqi. The purpose is simple, we hope that the media could cover the incident fairly, objectively and faithfully. Some people asked me, compared with March 14 incident in Lhasa last year, why does China adopt a different approach this time? The answer is, we want to see less distortion, fabrication and defamation in the reports. It takes time though. The international coverage of the incident is not free of these phenomena, which we hope to see less and less in the future. And we hope to see less biased, distorted and misleading reports.

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